Everette Thompson - Arizona Cardinals
“When I was looking for an agent I sought out qualities such as hardworking, trusting, someone that looked out for my best interest, and belief in my abilities as a professional athlete. ESA has been there from day one with their hard work hunger and belief to guide me in the right direction to fulfill my dreams. Unfortunately I went with a bigger sports agency at first, but realized I had made huge mistake. Thank God for me ESA was willing to work things out and I haven't looked back since. ESA has always been up front with me about everything and has helped me to find opportunities in the NFL. Our relationship from client to agent goes beyond business and is more Family based.”

Antwaun Molden - Houston Texans 
“There is no substitute for hard work and the fruits of Craig and Glen's their labor was evident for me.  They gave me world-class training which helped me shine at the Combine,  helped me climb the draft boards from a PFA to the top half of the 3rd round, got me a great shoe deal, and the highest increase in my round of the NFL Draft.  Those statistics define their work ethic and negotiating abilities.
However, accountability and honesty are their strongest traits. They develop rapport with their players, creating strong relationships and friendships.  I trust them, and that is a crucial character trait for me and my family. They have always been there whenever I needed anything, from getting a new car to being at my side when I bought my home and helping me move. They are great in giving helpful advice when dealing with issues outside of football.  They have kept every promise they have made, and that is why they are the best agents out there!”

Garrrision Sanborn - Buffalo Bills
“Glen and Craig are a great team together.  They have different styles which work great together as they were able to cover all bases and get me fully marketed to all teams.  They truly take a vested interest in you and don’t give up.  They helped me get invited to play in the Senior Bowl all-star game.  And when things don’t work out initially, they don’t move on to a “better” client.  They push through the hard times and find you an opportunity.  It’s not until you hear from the team’s personnel department about the magnitude of their efforts that you truly appreciate all that they do for you as agents.”

Mark Salmans - Director of Opertions for Texas v. Nation All-Star Game
"In my time with working with Elite, and what I have seen first-hand at our games, there is absolutely no doubt that they work extremely hard for their players because they truly care about each one of them as a person.  You can't ask for more than that from your agent."

Nate Hughes - Jacksonville Jaguars
“The NFL scouts looked over me because I went to a small SWAC college on draft day. If it wasn't for Elite Sports believing in me and my ability to play on a professional level and working hard for me just to get workouts with numerous NFL teams, I wouldn't be where I am today. They are fully dedicated!”

Dr. Nate Hughes (Father of Nate JR.)
“When I sat my son down to talk to him about choosing an agent for representation, I told him three qualities to look for:  sincerity, hardwork, and a sense of loyalty towards his clients. Glen and Craig possess all of these qualities. They aren't trying to make a quick buck. They genuinely believe in their clients and want them to succeed.”

Frank Summers - Pittsburgh Steelers
“ESA agents are the hardest, blue-collar workers in the business.  I truly can say after my Senior season, I had a free agent grade with an injured MCL from my last game and they believed in me and stuck by me.  They had me come to Florida to start rehabbing my knee 3 weeks before Pro-day training started for everyone else, and the training was awesome.  I had a great pro-day, with both Glen and Craig and my trainer traveling to UNLV to be at my side for support.   Because of their non-stop work with all 32 teams in the NFL, I was drafted in the 5th round by the Pittsburgh Steelers!
Not only will they fight for every penny in your contract or to get you marketing deals, they will fight to get you a job and keep you employed.   I personally am a witness to how hard they work as I have stayed at Craig’s home with his great family for weeks at a time to get ready for training camp.  They  have accepted me with open arms.   I don't know how many other agents out there will truly make you part of their family and stick by you through thick and thin, but these guys absolutely will.”

Marcus and Jennifer Maxwell - Baltimore Ravens
“Switching from a large sports agency to Elite Sports Agency is one of the best decisions I could've made.  Elite is made of dedicated, hard-working agents who truly have a passion for representing professional athletes.  We are not only a part of a sports agency, but also a family.”

Robert Andrews - Track/Football Coach and ESE Teacher, Glenville HS.
“I coach football and track at Glenville High School in Cleveland, OH and own Speed-N-Skillz.   I enjoy working with Craig and Glen from Elite Sports. I have referred many athletes to them because I know that they are going to work hard for the athletes even during the rough times.  I will continue to look to Elite Sports when it comes providing representation for my athletes because I trust them.”

Mike Dragosavich - Indianapolis Colts
"I've heard stories of guys who can't get a hold of their agents at big firms, and have to go through secretaries or runners. I wanted to really stay away from that. I could have gone with a bigger agency, but I pride myself on building good relationships, and I have that with Glen. He said he would always be there for me, and he has."

Andrew Hawkins - Montreal Alouettes/Irvin's Fourth and Long TV Show.
"Throughout my quest to play professional football, I have seen my career take its fair share of upward and downward spirals. The whole process is exciting, but can get extremely stressful. I thank God that I have an agent like Craig who has been by my side every step of the way and regardless of my situation has treated me like I'm his only client. I believe a player and his agent should have a relationship that goes deeper than just business, and Craig has been a great friend throughout some difficult. You hear stories and see players changing agents all the time because they didn't ask the right questions.  I’m just happy that I made the right decision from Day 1.”