Marketing you for endorsements is one of the most important services that ESA offers. Professional athletes, especially football players, are some of the most recognized figures on the planet and ESA is always looking to capitalize on the billion dollar sports marketing industry to maximize our clients' worth.

We will help establish your persona or "brand" to create corporate relationships for you on a local, regional, and national level. Our staff and the entire ESA team of experts research and develop an individual strategy and marketing plan that fits your desires and image. The ultimate objective is to continue to increase your marketability and help you take full advantage of all promotional opportunities, both during your playing career and beyond.

Potential Promotional Opportunities for you:

Football Card Endorsements
Show Endorsements
Clothing and Equipment Endorsements
Establishing Apparrel Lines
Television Commercials
Television Appearances
Radio Commercials
Radio Appearances or Talk Shows
Cell Phone Endorsements
Public Speaking Appearances
Autograph Signings
Memorabilia Signings
Auto Endorsements/Trades